Thursday, 21 February 2013

MIA - OoooOOps where have I been?

Well, as if you haven't noticed it...i've been MIA lately. I know the last few of my posts were really all over the place I was getting a bit bored, well not really bored but uninspired shall we say. AND i've had lots going on so there - there's my excuse!

So where the heck have i been then? At home, chillin' haha not really I have been working. I've been busy trying to get my greetings card business out there and work on designs and ideas i've had. I might start a new blog with just those things and carry on this one with the usual stuff i post like stuff I like.

In the meantime - i have a regular job working for Parkers - the parts people. It's  car parts supplier based in Leicester and I work there once or twice a week updating their website - slowly getting there - weekly and monthly promotional ads and creating in-house forms and stuff. It's something different and it always makes me giggle as I probably know more about a cars parts and stuff than how to drive one! All good i guess. Here's some of the promo stuff i've done for them...

WOW i'm actually using this blog for stuff that it was originally intended for like sharing stuff i've been working on haha! I will have some fun stuff to share hopefully next week but just been approval from the client i'm working with - it's very bright and colourful though! :)


  1. Welcome back! Those are some nice ads you made!

  2. Hehehe thanks JoJo. I have been keeping up with reading blogs though and I loved your coloured dots glasses, did you find how to get the paint to not peel? They looked fab. I've been rubbish at commenting.


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