Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Wildlife Trust Work Update

I took some photos of the brochure i produced and blogged about in my last post for the lovely Wildlife Trust so thought i'd update ye old blog. 

Also, got some A1 posters of the spreads...looking awesome!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Latest Work With The Lovely Wildlife Trust

I've recently been very lucky to work with an amazing organisation, the Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust. I absolutely LOVED working with them and creating something fun, bright and colourful!

They approached me to design an 8 page, A5 brochure educational brochure to send out to schools for teachers to book workshops that fit in with the curriculum. There wasn't really a set brief - only to stick to their company guidelines in terms of use of fonts, how to use their icons/logo and brand colours and they gave me awesome images and textures to work with.

I really enjoyed the project and it made me think that i actually DO miss the whole brochure and magazine design as my time is mostly spent working on A4 posters, logo concepts and generally just little bits and bobs. I guess it was a nice change and more exciting as it was a full project i got to manage from design to print. Normally i just provide a design service but making sure all the print side was perfect to seeing the final product all my myself made this even more exciting and special.

I'll update this blog with proper photos of the final brochure when i'm back home in Leicester as i'm currently up north visiting the parents.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

MIA - OoooOOps where have I been?

Well, as if you haven't noticed it...i've been MIA lately. I know the last few of my posts were really all over the place I was getting a bit bored, well not really bored but uninspired shall we say. AND i've had lots going on so there - there's my excuse!

So where the heck have i been then? At home, chillin' haha not really I have been working. I've been busy trying to get my greetings card business out there and work on designs and ideas i've had. I might start a new blog with just those things and carry on this one with the usual stuff i post like stuff I like.

In the meantime - i have a regular job working for Parkers - the parts people. It's  car parts supplier based in Leicester and I work there once or twice a week updating their website - slowly getting there - weekly and monthly promotional ads and creating in-house forms and stuff. It's something different and it always makes me giggle as I probably know more about a cars parts and stuff than how to drive one! All good i guess. Here's some of the promo stuff i've done for them...

WOW i'm actually using this blog for stuff that it was originally intended for like sharing stuff i've been working on haha! I will have some fun stuff to share hopefully next week but just been approval from the client i'm working with - it's very bright and colourful though! :)